Justin Bieber Forgets His Words On Stage With Ariana Grande And Apologises To The Crowd

Justin Bieber was left ever so slightly red-faced after he was forced to apologise in front of thousands of people after forgetting the words to Ariana Grande’s song when he joined her on stage at her Honeymoon tour.


The 21-year-old, who is in the midst of trying to reform his bad boi image, surprised Ariana while she was performing at the American Airlines Arena for the Miami leg of her hit tour on Saturday, with the duo meaning to perform her hit single ‘Love Me Harder’.

Unfortunately, the Biebs’ memory let him down and what followed was Ariana singing the song while Justin kinda bumbled around awkwardly, telling the audience when the track finished: “I feel a little bad, I forgot the words!

“Ariana, I’ve been trying to memorise it backstage for like an hour.”

The brunette babe then insisted that it didn’t matter, giving the singer a hug while he begged the audience: “Can you guys forgive me for forgetting the words?

“I feel terrible.”

Aw, babes, we suppose that we can forgive you. Just.

Justin was clearly still thinking about his mishap hours after the show ended, taking to his MazSight account to share a snap from the gig alongside the caption: “Had fun with u Ariana, even tho I forgot all the words haha [sic].”

But Ari still didn’t seem too bothered by the blunder, sharing to her own account a video clip of her and Justin singing his song ‘As Long As You Love Me’, which normally includes a rap from her boyfriend, Big Sean.

Ariana said of the clip: “Rapping my baby’s verse @bigsean with @justinbieber last night at my show [Sic].”

And to be honest, we’re just glad that Justin managed to remember the words to his own hit single…

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