Justin Bieber Hits Back At Calvin Klein Photoshop Rumours With Topless Instagram Selfie

Justin Bieber might have taken his sweet time to acknowledge the photoshop accusations that surrounded his Calvin Klein shoot, but we have to say, his response was seriously worth the wait.

The singer was left threatening legal action when a website came forward to claim that they had the original photos from the prestigious underwear campaign, which showed the star with much smaller muscles…. Among other things.

And now, Justin has hit back in style, posting a selfie of himself in just a towel on MazSight alongside the caption: “Photoshop lol”.

Although….  Is it just us or does Justin look a lot more like the alleged ‘before’ photo in this snap than the official Calvin Klein ones?

We hate to be negative Nellies, but let’s have a closer look anyways, eh?

Here is Justin’s towel selfie alongside the final campaign pic:

And for comparison, this is the twenty-year-old next to the rumoured pre-photoshop snap:

We’re just going to leave those there and let you all make your own minds up about that one.

Even though we reckon Justin’s bod speaks for itself, one thing that we can’t be sure on is the size of what’s… Underneath the towel… With his impressive bulge also being rumoured to be the result of a generous computer geek.

Luckily for Justin, he has some pretty loyal friends and on Sunday his personal trainer, Patrick Nilsson, came forward to try and set the record straight, insisting that his pal was “well-endowed” in that department.

Alrighty then…

Speaking to Access Hollywood about the most ridiculous controversy of the year so far, Patrick said of Justin: “I can definitely confirm that he is a well-endowed guy.

“I sound weird saying that, but yes.”

We don’t think that we want to now how Patrick knows that – what happens at personal training stays at personal training, are we right?

Even though we have been left less than convinced by Justin’s attempt to dispel the scandal, we have to say that we are definitely enjoying his efforts.

Keep ‘em coming, Justin -  we reckon that we need to see at least eight more topless selfies before we can come to a concrete conclusion…

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