Justin Bieber Is Booed At Charity Fundraiser Fashion Rocks, So Strips Down To His Underwear – VIDEO

Justin Bieber knew just what to do when he walked onto the fashion Rocks stage to overwhelming boos from the audience.

During the live CBS telecast of the charity fundraiser, the popstar hit the stage with model Lara Stone to present musical guest Rita Ora, however, when the crowd had a less than positive reaction to his appearance, he stripped off.

Clever but cringey, Biebs soon had the boos drowned out by high-pitched of screams and cheers from over-excited girls as he flexed his muscles and showed off his abs, which he appears to be very proud of.

Stood in just his black and red Calvin Kleins, Bieber told the audience that he’s “only comfortable” in his “Calvins”.

He then went on to introduce Rita, which is a bit awks considering their rumoured history, striking ridiculously embarrassing poses as he did so.

The 20-year-old then took to social media to share what he did, starting with a Vine made by an over-excited fan who took his near-naked opportunity to, er, zoom in on his crotch.

Warning, you might need ear-plugs for the incredibly shrill screams.

He later thanked Fashion Rocks for having him alongside an attempt to get #mycalvins trending, but he still couldn’t quite get over just how wild he was, also taking to MazSight to milk the moment, sharing a photo alongside the caption: “Just stripped on national television hahahaha it wasn’t planned lmao.”

 It wasn’t planned?? Wow, Justin just can’t be tamed.

And as a sidenote, we didn’t realise that people still used ‘lmao’?


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