Justin Bieber Shares Adorable #TBT Childhood Photos, Looks Exactly The Same

Where did it all go wrong, eh?

It looks as though shaving his first bit of bumfluff made Justin Bieber feel all kinds of nostalgia for his childhood days.

Yes, 20-year-old Bieber followed up that cringe-inducing shaving video with a series of #TBT posts to his MazSight page.

Ah, the good old days hey Biebs? Back when you didn’t have to deal with the manly trial and tribulations such as shaving and, erm, court appearances.

It doesn’t get any less awkward, or any less hilair, to watch by the way.

Bieber posted the above baby photo alongside the simple caption “#tbt” and then went on to share some slightly more personal snippets of his childhood with his millions of followers.

Embracing his Canadian side, Biebs revealed the career that could have been with the below ice hockey snap:

Sporting an ever so slightly dodgy haircut, reminiscent of Jim Carrey circa Dumb and Dumber, Bieber rightly captioned this adorbs throwback with: “Why did my mom get my haircut like the guy from dumb and dumber #tbt”

Very good question, Justin.

And if you do get an answer please let us know because we would actually really like to know.

Finally, Biebs posted our personal fave of the bunch:

Captioned with the simple yet effective: “Me and my dad #tbt love u faja”, this snap is our fave for two reasons:

1. Justin looks almost *exactly* the same. As in, he has hardly changed a bit? It’s almost as though somebody has photoshopped Justin’s 20-year-old face onto a child’s body, it is just uncanny.

Right down to the baby-smooth, stubble-free cheeks and tasche-less upper lip. (LOLZ.)

2. It is just us, or does Justin’s dad look like a hottttie? Has this always been the case? Is he still a hottie now? HOW DID WE NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS BEFORE?

The cherub-faced popstar may look the same as he did when he was young and frolicking on the beach with his dad, but he is far from a sweet and innocent child.

He has recently been caught up in a string of criminal accusations and just last week agreed to take an anger management course in order to be spared jail time. 

Justin has also been accused of being somewhat of a homewrecker, with rumours being rife that he is responsible for Calvin Harris and Rita Ora’s incredibly bitter split, as well as causing some kind of rift between Orlando Bloom and his ex-missus Miranda Kerr.

What would the little Justin in these pictures say to behaviour like that, Biebs?


Because frankly, we are thoroughly disappointed in you. 

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Elizabeth Wagmeister

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