Justin Bieber Snuggles Up With Kris Jenner For Sexy Selfie – HUH?!

Our world just imploded.

Justin Bieber and Kris Jenner got exceptionally close in Ibiza yesterday.

Some might say too close.

Some might say spooning.

Some might say he’s ‘getting a handful’ (the latter is the type of thing our Dad would say after a day down the football with ‘the lads’).

SOME might say she’s a recently separated, 58-year old, mother of 6 and it’s a ‘bit left-field’ that a 20-year old  boy is putting the moves on her.

All we know is that this is photo (that has over 1 million likes and counting) is probably our favourite thing to happen to the over-50’s since HRT.

The pair (we never thought we’d hear ourselves describe THESE two as ‘a pair’) joined a whole host of stars, including Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Naomi Campbell (and Nick Grimshaw?!) for the birthday of Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci – who’s presumably loving the fact that his big 4-0 has been taken over by the Biebs’ wandering hands.

To be honest, we just don’t know where to start with this photo.

Is this Hollywood’s hottest new couple? Should Selenurrrr Gomez be quaking in her boots? Is Kris Jenner a cougar now?  Are cougars still ‘a thing’ Is the Biebs looking for a more experienced lady to show him the ropes?

IS ANYONE OVER THE AGE OF 55 SAFE?!  Has everyone made sure that the cast of Calendar Girls aren’t in Ibiza? WILL CILLA BLACK BE SAFE FROM JUSTIN’S WANDERING HANDS?!

So many questions.

And what do we love most about this picture? (aside from Kris clutching her glass of Pinot for dear life, whilst being manhandled by a pubescent Canadian)

The caption, of course.

Justin allowed all of us to have a collective *ewwww* moment as he captioned it:

“@kendalljenner @kyliejenner who’s your daddy”

Did anyone else just throw up a tiny bit in their mouths?

Our thoughts are with Kylie and Kendall during this difficult (and cringe) time. Send your mother away on a cruise girls, and tell her to stop posing with ‘bad boys’ half her age – this isn’t Yates’, its MazSight – and everyone can see what you’re doing.  

mbiyimoh g.

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