Justin Bieber Strangles Chris Brown In Instagram Snap – But It’s Only A Joke…

They’ve both had their share of bad publicity, but Justin Bieber and Chris Brown just keep putting their feet firmly in ‘IT’.

Justin uploaded a snap of him jokingly choking Chris earlier on today, and while boys will be boys, the play fighting pic might not be completely appropriate given Chris’ past.

Yes they were JOKING about physical abuse – probably not the best thing to do if you’re Chris Brown.

Chris, 25, notoriously left his former girlfriend Rihanna battered and bruised back in 2009, and subsequently was convicted of the assault – something which obliterated his previously squeaky-clean reputation.

So you might have thought Chris or Justin would think twice about posting anything that might be seen to condone or ‘make light’ of physical abuse…

However, that is exactly what Chris and Justin did when Biebs uploaded the image to his MazSight account for his 23.7 million followers to look at.

And it doesn’t seem like they thought the pic would be inappropriate in the least, as Biebs’ captioned the photo: “Had fun with the homey @Chrisbrownofficial”

Oh dear.

It looks as though the pair might have been enjoying a quiet night out taking in some sushi, as Justin psoted a picture of an empty plate a few hours before the other troubling pictured emerged.

Maybe they should have just left it at a nice quiet bite to eat instead of trying out their new comedy stylings.

Biebs, like his buddy Chris, is no stranger to trouble and the long arm of the law, and has managed to make trouble (and front page news) around the world this year with some less-than PR friendly exploits.

Chris on the other hand has talked at length this year about his past, and his need to “to be more of a role model” – indicating that he really does want to make amends.

We’re not quite sure if this is quite the right way to go about that though Chris.

We’d definitely have to label this a real facepalm moment boys. D’oh!

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