Justin Bieber To Plead GUILTY And Take An Anger Management Course To Avoid Jail Time

Is it just us or is Justin Bieber getting a little bit Lindsay Lohan with the amount of court cases he has penciled in this year?

Later today Justin is expected to plead GUILTY to misdemeanor careless driving and resisting arrest charges, which will see him avoid jail time so long as he completes an anger management course, makes a $50,000 charitable donation, and coughs up all of the court fines.

You mean the cherub-faced boy who constantly lashes out at the paps, got into a very public ruckus with none other than Orlando bloom, and was told by Kate Moss, KATE MOSS, of all people to ‘have some respect’, might have anger issues? That boy?

We simply won’t believe it.

Bieber has already escaped jail time this year after pleading  ‘no contest’ to a misdemeanor vandalism charge (for throwing eggs at his neighbours house, remember?) back in July and agreeing  to put his hand in his pocket and pay out over $80,000 in damages, alongside a LOAD of other conditions.

But even after escaping jail on these two occassions, will it be three and four times a charm following his NEXT two court cases?

The 20-year-old is also currently charged for assaulting a limousine driver in Toronto last year AND is being sued by a photographer who says that he was roughed up by the Biebs and his cronies whilst taking pictures of the singer outside a recording studio.

Phew, with all of this going on how does Justin even find the time to deny ugly girls access to his area of the club and make racist jokes?  Least of all record any actual music.

You know, what he is supposed to be famous for. 

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