Justin Bieber WINS Christmas Presents As He Shows Off His PRIVATE JET

Now we know that seething with jealousy isn’t exactly in the top ten list of things to do at Christmas time, but when young Justin Bieber posted these snaps on his MazSight account, we had no choice but to shove six mince pies down our throats to prevent us screaming “WHY NOT US!!” at our bemused (and probably quite offended) family.

The ‘Under The Mistletoe’ crooner took some time out from stirring the eggnog to share with us all his new Christmas gift – a private JET.

Oh, as you do! It certainly beats a pair of slippers and a novelty key-ring doesn’t it? You can always count on Justin to out-do the rest of us and make us feel a bit ‘meh’ about our Christmas presents, but this year he’s really taken it to the next level.

The (newly) blonde bombshell teased us all/rubbed salt in our wounds with the two pictures, captioning one: ‘New jet for Christmas, and she’s beautiful’.

He said of the second : ‘Merry Christmas and she’s a beauty’.

Well at least we know now that when it comes to naming OUR plane which we’ll OBVIOUSLY receive next year (HINT, HINT, MUM) we have to call it ‘she’ just like Justin did.

The plane – which to be honest looked nicer than anywhere else we’ve ever sat in in our entire lives – wasn’t the only present the Biebs received this year.

On Christmas Eve, he posted this snap of some very ostentatious bracelets (and something tells us they weren’t found on the ½ price stand in Topman).

Must have been a struggle to fit it all in the one sack, right?

Clearly Santa Claus is a very big Justin Bieber fan, or perhaps just has a very forgiving nature. If we’d egged our neighbours house, we’d be getting a lump of coal and a good ticking off this year!

Either way Justin, we’re prepared to overlook your naughty antics this year – only if you offer us a ride in your new jet, OK?

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