Justin Bieber’s Personal Trainer Confirms He Is A ‘Well-Endowed Guy’ Following Calvin Klein Photoshop Controversy

Justin Bieber’s bulge, or alleged lack of, has pretty much been the most talked about thing this week thanks to some pretty steamy Calvin Klein adverts featuring the popstar, and a big dollop of photoshop accusations.

Well, now Bieber’s very own personal trainer, Patrick Nilsson, has stepped in to put the airbrushing rumours to bed once and for all, in a way that is not at all weird.

Speaking to Access Hollywood about the most ridiculous controversy of the year so far, Patrick said of Justin: “I can definitely confirm that he is a well-endowed guy.

“I sound weird saying that, but yes.”

Erm, we don’t think that we want to now how Patrick knows that…  What happens at personal training stays at personal training, are we right?

Still, the 20-year-old is no doubt going to up Patty’s salary after putting the rumours that his rather large bulge was a result of a very generous computer geek to rest, having previously threatened to take the website which leaked the alleged ‘before photoshop’ snap to court if they did not remove the image.

The website, BreatheHeavy, claimed to have original, unedited pics of the Calvin Klein shoot and they were… Ever so slightly… different to the ones that graced our eyes last week.

And according to the ever-reliable TMZ, Biebs was SO peeved about the offending image that he got hs team to send the website a stongly-worded letter, which threatened them with a defamation case if they did not remove it immediately.

They claim that instead of the official photo being faked, computer geeks actually took the time to photoshop Justin to look skinnier and, erm, smaller, which, they claim, is “damaging to the brand”.

We don’t know if they mean Calvin Klein’s brand or Justin Bieber’s, either way it’s one big palava.

And would you Adam and Eve it, BreatheHeavy have since removed the photo, pretty much confirming that the photo that they posted was a lie.

Pretty naughty, right?

And we bet that Patrick Nilsson is wishing that they could have done that BEFORE he admitted to knowing the ins and outs of Justin’s junk..

We’re grateful for your input anyways, Pat.

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