Justin Timberlake’s Birthday: His Coolest Instagram Pics

He’s one cool cat.

And Justin Timberlake shares the coolness on MazSight, whether he’s moonwalking on stage or hanging with equally cool dudes from the worlds of politics and rap.

As Justin celebrates his 34th birthday today, we’re celebrating with his coolest pics.

1. Justin’s Cool Levitating

“Let’s do this Hamburg! #JT2020Tour”

Not only can JT moonwalk, he can also take off into space without the need for a rocket.

The singer launched into the air with his guitar on stage in May 2014. Don’t worry Justin, we reckon there’d be plenty of willing fans ready to catch you when you fall back down to earth.

2. Justin’s Cool Presidential Pal

“Just showing The Prez how I made a half court shot on his hoop while he was leading the free world and stuff… No big deal. Happy Bday, Mr. President!!”

When it comes to cool dudes, Barack Obama is up there with the best of them.

Justin looking hot in a suit showing the President of the United States his basketball skillz on his phone in this shot he shared in August 2014 is all kinds of coolness.

3. Justin’s Cool On-Stage Partner

“Nothing like being at sold-out Barclays with the King of Brooklyn… #JT2020Tour”

And when it comes to the entertainment world rather than the political world, they don’t get much cooler than King of Cool himself, Jay Z.

JT and Jay Z together on stage make our dreams come true.

4. Justin’s Cool Flexin’

“Flexin’ #NewZealand #ThisLife”

What do you do when you’re on top of the world in New Zealand looking at the most incred view?

Well if you’re a cool cat like JT you flex your muscles, obvs. The only thing that would make this pic from October 2014 better IMHO is if Justin had ditched the hoodie and let his bare naked guns out.

5. Justin’s Cool Baseball Past

“#TBT “Flexin’… I’m just flexin’.”

Justin’s been flexin’ for time, as this throwback Thursday pic he shared in July 2014 proves.

Lil JT’s got the posing down pat already.

Keep sharing your cool life Justin, and we’ll keep wishing you could pack us in your suitcase so we could come along for the sweet, sweet ride.

Neil Weinberg

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