Kanye West Booed At Wireless For Second Night Running – Fans Chant ‘We Want Drake’

By the literal sounds of things it’s not been a great couple of days for ol’ Mr West.

Kanye West has been booed at Wireless festival for the second night running.

Pulled in to fill in for sick headliner Drake, Kanye was a last minute addition to the line-up last night and fans were disappointed with their replacement.

You see, instead of playing a few songs and having a little boogie Kanye decided to stage another of his infamous one-man mega rants.


After arriving late to the stage, 15 minutes in Mr Kim Kardashian cut the music to launch into a 20 minute speech about himself.

Here is a snippet:

“I’m very shy in real life. Because I’m too shy to put out some b*******. Sometimes it’s hard because I’m too shy to carry off a lot. I’m arrogant and shy and a little bit lazy. I’m too shy to lie to anybody and I’m too arrogant to make myself lie to anyone because lies take too much work.”

Er, save it for your therapist next time, yeah?

It seems the crowd agreed with this sentiment and quickly started chanting: ‘We want Drake!’ at blathering Kanye who also said: “celebrities need to be allowed to have an off day as well.”

The night before Kanye similarly riled the crowd when he proceeded to give a 20 minute sermon on the fashion industry.

“I’m not going to mention any names but… Nike, Louis Vuitton and Gucci. Don’t discriminate against me ‘cos I’m a black man making music,” he told the audience.

At least he didn’t compare himself to Hitler this time…

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