Kanye West Wants To Design Children’s School Uniforms After Adidas Collaboration

Kanye West‘s lucrative career move into the trainer designing market appears to have inspired the rapper to launch a whole new venture with… Erm… School uniforms.

It sounds ridic but perhaps we should hear him out, yeah?

No longer content on simply collaborating with Adidas to make posh shoes for his famous pals, or selling leather jogging bottoms to Fendi, Kanye has decided that he is one of us mere mortals now, and wants to come down to our level.

Speaking in a radio interview with Ryan Seacrest, Yeezus shared: “Next season my focus is gonna be doing high school uniforms.

“Like, when I was growing up, kids wanted Jordans – kids got killed for Jordans. Now that I’m in a position, I’m gonna make sure EVERYONE gets Yeezys.

“I want to apologize to all the kids and all the parents that can’t get the shoes currently because there’s only 9,000, and also, ’cause they’re $350 and if they’re out of anyone’s price range…

“I just wanna make sure that we keep it safe. I’ve heard about people getting hurt for sneakers in the past, and I just want everyone to be safe and be patient — just be patient.

“I know you can run up on this 14-year-old kid and take his Yeezys, but just be patient because we’ll make more Yeezys. Eventually, everybody who  wants to get Yeezys will get Yeezys.

“Adidas has promised me that, because there’s so many kids that have wanted them that couldn’t get them.

“I talked to the heads at Adidas, and they said we can make them.”

He really is just too kind.

The dad-of-one also announced that he was going to be livestreaming his fashion week show for the Yeezy 750 Boost to fifty cinemas across the world, including a location in London – aren’t we lucky, eh?

Details of the show are being kept strictly under wraps, but it is believed that performance artist, Vanessa Beecroft, is involved in the visual side of things so it’s no doubt going to be pretty spectacular.

Kanye explained: “We’re not only gonna just show the presentation to buyers and press the way they do with fashion shows.

“We’re gonna show the presentation ten times over the next two days, where, if you’re a family in Brooklyn, you can come and bring your kids and just check it out.”

He’s such a man of the people, that Kanye West.

The rant-a-holic also threw in a kind of apology for slagging off Nike, his former trainer partner, in the past, saying: “Even though I seem like I’m attacking [Nike], I really feel I’m thankful that they gave me the opportunity to make the first two Yeezys with them.

“Also, of course, Louis Vuitton, and all these people that allowed me to practice and also build a name and hype around this part of creativity in my life.”

Not quite an ‘I’m sorry’ and a bouquet of flowers, but it will do, we suppose…

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