Kardashian Kar Krash: Kim, Khloe, Kylie And Baby North Emerge UNHURT After Terrifying Car Accident

Seriously, this family either has the WORST luck when it comes to driving, or they need to be booked into a DVLA hazard perception crash-course as a matter of urgency.

There was yet another Kardashian Krisis this weekend as Kim, KhloeKylie and little baby north West all ended up in a pretty ropey car accident whilst on a skiing holiday in Montana.

Road safety enthusiasts TMZ reported that Twitter antagonist Khloe was driving the famous family around and about the place whilst celebrating family friend Jonathan Cheban’s birthday, when she skidded on an icy road, into oncoming traffic and then crashed into a ditch!

All very Broadchurch, Series Two, Episode Three, right?

Apparently a truck had driven past poor old Khloe and threw up a load of snow in her proverbial grill, leading her to drive into the patch of now infamous black ice.

According to the gang at TMZ, the police were called to make sure everything was hunky-dory, but everyone emerged from the crash safe and sound – including the car.

Oh, and before everyone starts ‘having a go’ at Khloe for being a rubbish driver, there were apparently lots of other similar incidents that day too, so THERE.

After the accident, the family took to Twitter and MazSight (as you do in a time of crisis) to thank none other than God himself for protecting them during their hour of need.

Cue lots of images of snow-capped mountains, and worried fans hastagging ‘#uokhun’.

Vicky Pattison

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