Kate Middleton’s Birthday: Her Most Princess Perfect Pics

Her official title might be Duchess.

But when Kate Middleton married Prince William she became an official Princess in our eyes, and boy has she lived up to the fairy tale dream, whether she’s riding in carriages, sitting on a throne being carried by a load of men, or wearing perfectly regal gowns.

As Kate celebrates her 33rd birthday today, we’re celebrating with her most Princessy pics.

1. Kate’s Princess Wedding

Let’s start with Kate’s crowning moment; her Wedding day.

When Miss Middleton married her Prince in April 2011 she had the most fairytale wedding we’ve ever seen. Amazing gown with loooooong train? Check. Dashing husband in uniform? Check. The fanciest guest list EVER? Check. A horse drawn carriage? Check.

2. Kate’s Princess fashion

There is no other person in the public eye who make us suffer wardrobe envy as much as Kate, and this teal Jenny Packham number has to be right up there as her best ever dress.

It’s not just her gown that makes Kate look like a Princess, it’s also those accessories and that perfect hair at the Our Greatest Team Rises Olympic Concert in May 2012. Well. Jel.

3. Kate’s Princess Throne

So sitting on a throne is THE Princess past-time du jour, but when that throne is being carried aloft on the shoulders of a bunch of guys the regal-ness factor goes off the scale.

When Kate and Wills visited Tuvalu in September 2012 as part of their 10 day tour of the Far East and Pacific as part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Year they got amazing treatment.

4. Kate’s Princess Boat

Talk about a Princessy backdrop.

Attending a cruise ship naming ceremony is a fancy thing to do anyway, but when you’re standing next to GIANT lettering spelling out ‘Royal Princess’ it gets even more so. In June 2013 Kate headed to Southampton to name a new Princess Cruises ship, smashing bottles and all.

5. Kate’s Princess Gown

If there’s something modern day Princesses know how to master just as well as their olden days counterparts it’s an outfit.

The jewels, the curls, the big swishy skirt. Everything about Kate’s look at The Portrait Gala 2014: Collecting to Inspire fundraiser in November 2014 screams PRINCESS.

Vicky Pattison

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