Kate Moss Causes Drunk Chaos On Easyjet Flight From Turkey

Just WHAT would Stellios say?

Drunk Kate Moss has been causing all sorts of havoc at 35,000 ft after she managed to board an Easyjet flight from Turkey to London WITHOUT A TICKET!

However, before you panic – she was actually due to fly out of Turkey – she didn’t just turn the wrong way out the pub and end up stumbling into seat 1A.

The model is reported to have rocked up to Bodom airport ‘clearly inebriated’ after (amazingly ironically) vacationing at a ‘nearby detox centre’.

It’s believed after queueing to check-in the 40-year-old had neither a boarding card or ticket.

One eyewitness told MailOnline: “The general consensus was that she didn’t have a ticket but after chatting to the manager for some time she was whisked off and ushered on to a flight.”

Now that’s what we call speedy boarding!

“It was pretty obvious that Kate had had a bit to drink as she was talking loudly and didn’t seem worried about being seen.”

They added: “If I had showed up that drunk there’s no way I’d be let on the plane but she is Kate Moss.”

We’re not sure – we don’t think we have ever boarded a plane out of Ibiza without having had a *few* cocktails first. IT’S A LATE FLIGHT, OK?

Plus, you can buy tickers at the airport y’know.

Once aboard the plane it seemed that Kate’s fellow travelers couldn’t wait to let everyone know they were sharing airspace with a tiddly supermodel.

One passenger wrote on Twitter: ‘Just got off my flight with a very drunk Kate Moss.’

While another, Amelia shared: ‘Seen Kate moss drunk in the airport.’

A third tweeted: ‘Kate Moss was on the same plane as me yesterday and and she was out of it. (sic)’

Easyjet, meanwhile, refused to comment saying that the company ‘has a strict respect of privacy and it is the airline policy not to comment on any of its passengers.’

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