Kate Moss Has The Most Bizarrely Wild Party Following Easyjet Scandal

Last week, supermodel Kate Moss found herself in the middle of a rather odd scandal after she was accused of getting drunk on an Easyjet flight and causing a commotion because the airline had run out of her fave sandwich.

No, that wasn’t an odd dream, that really happened.

Anyways, amid claims that the 41 year old called the pilot “a basic b*tch” and had been drinking too much, the star has proved that she really couldn’t care less about what people think and has responded to the dramz in the best possible way.


Seriously, what is she even doing?!


On Monday night, which, by the way, is a school night, Kate showed everybody exactly what she thinks off all of the carry-on by partying the night away with Vivienne Westwood at a party for Another Magazine.

Rather than opting to make her first public appearance since the airplane scandal as innocent and conservative as possible, the gorgeous mum-of-one decided that she wasn’t going to let a few stuffy moaners stop her from having some fun, and it looks like she went harder than usual.

We mean, she’s actually in a skintight corset, crawling along the beer-mat-laden floor, surrounded by alcohol.

In short, it looks like our kinda party.

We are sure that the people who complained about Kate on that plane journey will be shocked and appalled by the new images, but one thing is for sure: You can not accuse her of being a “basic b*tch”.

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