Katie Hopkins ‘Arrest’ Website Gains Over 1000 Signatures In Petition For Police To Investigate Tweets

The public have had ENOUGH.

We bet Katie Hopkins is feeling especially smug with herself this morning after a website calling for her arrest gained over 1,000 signatures in just two days.

This is exactly the kind of controversy that she thrives on. 

The website, simply named ‘arrestkatiehopkins’, states that they want the former Apprentice candidate to be investigated by the police for her “criminal activity” of sending “threatening and offensive messages over the internet” following a series of ‘anti-Muslim’ tweets, which Katie sent out earlier this week.

And although the toll on the current site shows there to be less than 100 people supporting, a message states:

“There have already been 1012 signatures previous to the number above at which point we added the police email address to the list.

“The number of signatures on the site should be added to 1012 to give you the true number of signatures.”

Bringing the grand total to an impressive 1, 101, and the police have since confirmed to The Mirror that they have indeed received complaints and are currently in the process of trawling through Katie’s tweets but no formal investigation has been launched.

Katie is always raising eyebrows, but it all came to a head on Monday when she addressed reports of stabbings in Tel Aviv, apparently carried out by an Arab man on two Israelis.

In her series of tweets which have since been dubbed ‘anti-Muslim’, the rent-a-gob labelled Palestinians “filthy rodents”.

She also said that it was “Time to restart the boming campaign.”


Katie seems to be on a scandalous roll of that, also facing a huge backlash after she spoke out in defense of convicted rapist Ched Evans and disgraced TV personality, Dapper Laughs.

The comments came after Daniel O’Reilly revealed that he had ‘killed off’ his character after thousands of people signed a petition for ITV2 to cancel his TV show following a variety of unacceptable comments about women and references to rape.

Katie said of the drama: “Daniel O’Reilly a broken man on Newsnight. Maitlis interviewing like a disapproving school ma’am. A sell out UK tour falls to the mob.”

She later shared a screenshot of Dapper Laughs’ cancelled tour alongside the message: “Well done. You clicked yes on a petition. And spoiled the fun for those making a different choice. Bland is not good”

Erm, we wouldn’t label calling out somebody who says things such as “She is gagging for a rape”  ‘spoiling the fun’, but what else would you expect from the notorious Ms. Hopkins!?

The rent-a-gob also responded to Charlie Webster resigning as Patron of football club Sheffield United after convicted rapist Ched Evans was welcomed back to the club upon his release from prison.

Katie ranted: “Why campaign against Ched? He served his time – he needs to crack on with his job. If he was a bin man / sandwich maker you’d be OK with it.

“Ched doesn’t want to be a role model. He wants to be a footballer. If YOU need to resign to show you disapprove (are jealous) – crack on.”

We daren’t ask what she is accusing Charlie of being ‘jealous’ of….

Something tells us that Katie will never learn.

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