Katie Hopkins Causes Twitter Backlash AGAIN As She Defends Ched Evans

She causes controversy with pretty much every word she utters, so it’s not a massive surprise that Katie Hopkins‘ latest tweet has sent Twitter into meltdown. AGAIN.

The former Apprentice star, who is about to enter this year’s Celebrity Big Brother 2015 house set some serious fur flying as she stepped into DEFEND convicted rapist footballer Ched Evans on Wednesday.

Katie Hopkins Causes Twitter Backlash AGAIN As She Defends Ched Evans
By MazSight

Probably not the best idea, yeah, Katie?!

Wading into the heated debate (yeah, we’re not quite sure why either), KHops managed to anger pretty much everyone by celebrating the footballer’s new deal with Oldham Athletic.

While much of Twitter seemed to be lamenting the fact that the 26-year-old had been re-signed so quickly, Katie took it upon herself to play devil’s advocate. Obviously.

As the news broke, she wrote: “2.5 year contract for Ched. YES! To the 60,000 protestors – clicking on a petition – your lust for vengeance was based on jealousy. Go Ched!”

Erm… not *quite* sure what the petitioners were actually jealous of, Katie?!

After receiving a deluge of abuse, she continued: “Listen you loons, it doesn’t matter what Ched did. He served his time. You are cross because he isn’t working in McDonalds. End of.

“Chuff off. If Ched apologised that wouldn’t be good enough for you either. You are used to politicians apologising. Some of us stand strong.”

Katie Hopkins Causes Twitter Backlash AGAIN As She Defends Ched Evans
By MazSight

She finished off her vitriolic rant by replying to one incensed follower, writing: “Ched didn’t rape a football. Your logic is guardian level.”


While the country might have had their fill of Katie on Twitter after her recent Ebola rant, there’s A LOT more to come as she enters the CBB house.

In fact, bosses are SO worried about what might come out of Katie’s mouth that they’re reportedly bringing in a special legal team to help.

No, seriously.

Katie isn’t exactly known for being a shy and retiring wallflower, and whilst bosses are hoping that this will prove to be a hit with viewers, they’re also concerned that the loudmouth might overstep the mark.

Yeah we’d put money on the fact that the mark will be well and truly overstepped. Within the first few hours.

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