Katie Hopkins Defends Dapper Laughs And Ched Evans, Sparks Even More Twitter Outrage


Former Apprentice candidate Katie Hopkins may be known for her mahoosive Twitter rants and hugely controversial opinions, but this week she appears to be crossing lines left, right, and centre.

After posting a series ‘anti-Muslim’ tweets at the beginning of the week, Katie sparked fresh outrage by defending disgraced ‘comedian’ Dapper Laughs, and convicted rapist Ched Evans.

Seriously Kates, we know that you love to incite fury but maybe just reign it in a tiny little bit?

Katie’s latest comments come after Daniel O’Reilly revealed that he has ‘killed off’ his character, ‘Dapper Laughs’ after thousands of people signed a petition for ITV2 to cancel his TV show following a variety of unacceptable comments about women and references to rape.

The 39-year-old said of the scandal: “Daniel O’Reilly a broken man on Newsnight. Maitlis interviewing like a disapproving school ma’am. A sell out UK tour falls to the mob.”

She later shared a screenshot of Dapper Laughs’ cancelled tour alongside the message: “Well done. You clicked yes on a petition. And spoiled the fun for those making a different choice. Bland is not good”

Erm, we wouldn’t label calling out somebody who says things such as “She is gagging for a rape”  ‘spoiling the fun’, but what else would you expect from the notorious Ms. Hopkins!?

The rent-a-gob also responded to Charlie Webster resigning as Patron of football club Sheffield United after convicted rapist Ched Evans was welcomed back to the club upon his release from prison.

Katie ranted: “Why campaign against Ched? He served his time – he needs to crack on with his job. If he was a bin man / sandwich maker you’d be OK with it.

“Ched doesn’t want to be a role model. He wants to be a footballer. If YOU need to resign to show you disapprove (are jealous) – crack on.”

Erm, dare we ask what Katie is suggesting that Chalie is ‘jealous’ of?

We actually despair.

Following Katie’s last twitter rant, which saw her appear to suggest that Israel should start ‘bombing Gaza’ again and that Palestinians are ‘dirty rodents’, some of her followers actually appealed to the police to arrest Katie for ‘inciting hatred’:

And the worst part of it all?

We bet that Katie Hopkins is LOVING it. 

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