Katie Hopkins Installs A Panic Button At Home Through Fears She’ll Be Attacked For Controverisal Views

We know that it is hard to believe of the quiet and retiring Katie Hopkins, but apparently the former Apprentice star is so worried about the public’s reaction to her controversial views that she’s installed a panic button in her home.

Eek, when it gets to that stage perhaps you’re just better off reigning in the nasty comments, eh?

The 40-year-old national hate figure was advised to have a direct line to the police put into the house that she shares with her husband and three children following the constant stream of death threats that she gets thanks to her outspoken public opinions.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Katie revealed: “Our house is rigged up to the local police station.

“That’s just my life, I suppose.”

Just last week the rent-a-gob incited fresh anger from her Twitter following after she labelled dementia sufferers “bed blockers”, and was also recently accused of anti-Semitic comments when she advised Jewish Ed Miliband’s wife to “stick her head in the oven and turn on the gas”.

Speaking about her bad reputation, the reality star added: “I judge a lot of people. I have my view on a lot of people. But I really welcome everyone’s view on me.

“Some people might think I’m a disgusting harlot of a woman who doesn’t deserve the right to speak.

“That view is particularly strong at the moment. But I welcome that because we’re all so different.”

Despite agreeing to have the extra security measures in her Exeter home, Katie still reckons that her three children – six-year-old Max, ten-year-old India, and nine-year-old Poppy – are not at risk.

She shared:  “My children are somewhat isolated from it. They don’t have iPads, they don’t have phones.

“My parents aren’t part of it at all. They don’t go on Twitter. I just send them clips of me looking vaguely alright.”

‘Looking vaguely alright’?! We’re honestly not entirely sure that such clips exist…

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