Katie Hopkins Is Actually Getting Her Own Chat Show. GOD HELP US.

Do you harbour a worrying right-wing agenda? Display a worrying mistrust for the unemployed and people fleeing war-torn and damaged countries? Hate ginger people?

Well you’re in luck -  finally the left-wing metropolitan media elite have caved, and granted none-other than bastion of the criminally insane Katie Hopkins her very own chat show.

No, this is not a joke, so watch out Parkinson – Katie Hopkins has confirmed that her own show, titled ‘If Katie Hopkins Ruled The world‘, will be coming to TLC this very summer.

In her column for The Sun, the former Big Brother contestant wrote:

“The list of things we can’t say is now longer than the list of things we can. My fightback has begun!”

“You have the pleasure of seven weeks of me on TV exploring what would happen if I ruled the world. I’ll be hitting the streets to test out my rules for life and seeing how my lovely audience react to Hopkins’ cunning plans.”

“Stand by your beds, this one is going to get messy.”

Messy? Maybe she’ll have a gunge machine to which she straps a single mother or an SNP MP to it, dunking them until they recant their ‘agenda’.

In a very ‘Lord of the Flies’-esque move, Katie will propose a new rule for society every week.
Guests and celebrities will debate with her, before the audience gets the final vote.

But then knowing The Hopkins we imagine she’ll probably just shove anyone who disagrees with her into a boat and send it in to the north Sea.

However, the modern-day McCarthy-ite might have a bit of trouble getting any guest to come on the show at all. The last time this was suggested, the show got pulled for a lack of guests, with Katie Price slamming her former BB co-star about it on Twitter.

She wrote: “Looks like I wasn’t the only person to say NO to a certain debate show!about time her head comes out her a***e h***e!”

Well we guess that’s Pricey off the series invite list then?

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