Katie Hopkins: ‘Katie Price Always Plays The Victim, She’s Not The Sharpest Tool In The Box’

Another day, another round of Katie Hopkins vs. Katie Price as the former glamour model recovers from living with the rent-a-gob for four weeks, and the old Apprentice candidate continues to come to terms with losing to her nemesis.

To be honest, we don’t think that they will ever get along.

In today’s showdown, Katie H has had a massive moan to Now magazine about Katie P, and claimed that the Pricey thrives on being the victim, and isn’t exactly the most intelligent of people.


The 40-year-old moaned: “I think she likes to play ‘Katie Price, victim, aren’t I lovely and all I care about is my children’  – at the same time sitting in the house for four weeks.

“She lives in this crazy world of feeling hard done by. Everyone – Jane, Kieran – they’ve all been disloyal, betrayed her and are in the same group of being utter whatever she calls them – some horrible name.”

However, despite the mum-of-five always feeling sorry for herself, according to her CBB housemate anyways, Katie H goes on to add that she very rarely mentions her ex-husband, and father of two of her children, Peter Andre.

Discussing Pete and his new fiancee, Emily MacDonagh, the Apprentice star dished: “I get the impression she [Katie P] feels Pete feels better and now he’s got the perfect partner.

“And I guess Emily being a doctor when Katie isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed has to hurt.”

Alright, alright, reign it in, Hopkins, you’ve made your point.

The bitter outburst from this year’s CBB runner up is just a retaliation to recent comments made by the Pricey about her old housemate on Sunday.

Speaking to The Sun, Katie insisted that the motormouth only pretends to have controversial opinions to cause drama (shock horror), and also revealed that Katie H suffers badly from bad breath and “looks like Spomhebonb Squarepants”.

Lovely stuff.

Well, Katie P, the ball is in your court. But really we think somebody should just bake a cake full of rainbows and smiles so that we can all just get along…

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