Katie Hopkins Reported To Police Over Accusations Of ‘Inciting Racial Hatred’ By MP Simon Danczuk

Katie Hopkins‘ controversial comments have now landed her in hot water, after MP Simon Danczuk reported her to the police with claims that she ‘incited racial hatred’ with some of her recent Twitter comments.

The MP is accusing Katie of associating the Pakistani flag with the sexual abuse of minors in the area of Rochdale, an area which was rocked by child sexual exploitation revelations in 2012.

Katie Hopkins Reported To Police Over Accusations Of 'Inciting Racial Hatred' By MP Simon Danczuk
By MazSight

The row between Katie, 40, and Simon, 48, started when the MP raised a Pakistani flag over the town hall in Rochdale to help mark national Pakistan Day on March 23.

Not happy with his actions, the resident loudmouth quickly took to Twitter to air her views on his decision, writing: “Raising a Pakistani flag in Rochdale is not helping community cohesion. it is inflammatory. @SimonDanczuk you & your party disgust me.”

The two continued to go back and forth, with Katie sending him a photo of the eight men convicted of child exploitation offences, asking the MP if these were also his friends.

According to The Mirror, Simon has explained: “The letter is me asking the Police Commissioner to investigate whether a crime has been committed in relation to Katie Hopkins.

“It is not right that somebody who has little to do with Rochdale incited hatred of this kind.

“Rochdale is a very cohesive community – people work well together.

“Of course there are tensions, like there are in other communities, but people rub together really well and we don’t need outsiders like Katie Hopkins to come in and cause trouble just for the sake of causing trouble and creating Sun headlines.”

The Guardian has also reported him to have said: “I don’t think we should beat about the bush here, Katie Hopkins is inciting racial hatred.

“Rochdale has a proud history of coming together to mark special days in different cultures, from St Patrick’s Day to the Ukrainian Holodomor, and our town will not take any lessons from Katie Hopkins on community cohesion.

“She has waded into something she doesn’t understand and her ignorance is extremely dangerous.”

Simon’s office reports that he sent the complaint to the office of Greater Manchester’s police commissioner, Tony Lloyd, on Sunday.

He has today written on Twitter: “No one has pushed the police more than me to make grooming prosecutions. But focus has always been criminality not hatred of a racial group.”

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