Katie Hopkins Reported To The Police For ‘Committing A Hate Crime Against Fat People’

It has been revealed that Katie Hopkins was reported to the police whilst filming her TLC documentary, My Fat Story.

Oh dear.

The former Apprentice star is famed for her controversial opinions and brutal honesty, but apparently it was all too much for a self-proclaimed ‘plus-size activist’, who tried to shop her off to the coppers after taking offense to Ms. Hopkins calling her ‘unHealthy‘.

Mean? Definitely. But a hate crime?? … We’re not so sure.

It all appeared to kick off when Katie met up with five size acceptance campaigners in London for the second episode of the series, which is set to air on Saturday.

The 39-year-old can be seen saying to Kathryn Szrodecki: “I’m looking at you and I’m making an assessment that it is not healthy to carry that much weight on your knees.

“I just don’t believe that you are healthy in that state.

“The cost to the NHS is more than six billion a year, and the Chief Surgeon at Guy’s Hospital said ‘It’s killing millions, costing billions, and the cure is in our hands’.

“As a tax payer that’s why I feel I do have a say, it’s because I’m paying for your health.”

Fuming Kathryn eventually tells the rent-a-gob: “Do you not realise where you’re going with this? This is a hate crime.

“Can we call the police?”

Obviously absolutely nothing fazes the notorious Hopkins, so she simply tells her to call the cops on a nearby phone, unable to resist making a final dig: “Would you like it brought to you?

“Because it’s probably going to be hard to walk there.”

Ahhhh, Katie – when will you ever learn to bite your tongue?!

Angry activist Kathryn can then be seen to report a “hate crime” to who Louis Tomlinson would call ‘the po-po’, but for some crazy *ahem* reason it doesn’t seem to be taken seriously.

Later on, Katie reveals: “They’re irritated that I have a voice, one of them even threatened to go and call the police, so I told her to go and do that.

“But, no police came, which was disappointing as I quite like a man in a uniform.”


Sounds like it wasn’t just the lack of a crime that put the police off showing up…

Katie’s weight loss documentary will air on Friday and Saturday this week, with Katie going from 8st 12lb to 11st 13lb and back again in just six months.

Quite literally putting her money where her mouth is, the controversial figure embarked on this journey to prove her point that “there is no excuse to be fat”.

Erm, okay then.

Love her or hate her, one thing is for sure – this is going to make bloomin’ amazing telly.

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