Katie Hopkins Thinks The Feguson Officer Who Shot Michael Brown Should Get "A Medal"

It appears that Katie Hopkins has an opinion on anything and everything, as the controversial columnist has waded neck-deep into the topic of Ferguson.

The highly polarised situation in the US city of Ferguson revolves around the shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed black 18-year-old man, in August by a white police officer – and Katie didn’t mince her words when it came to the subject.

It was announced earlier this week that police officer Darren Wilson, 28, will not face charges over Brown’s death, and it was at that point that trouble flared.

With the topic trending on Twitter for almost three days, Katie decided it was time to voice her opinion, tweeting: “Brown was not shot for being black. Brown was shot for being a thief and a thug.”

But that wasn’t the end of things, as she decided to rattle the hornet’s nest even more, and finished her tweet declaring: “Give the officer a medal. Justice with knobs on.”

However, Katie’s 263,000 followers seemed to reflect the wider world, and were left divided by the Telly rent-a-gob’s opinion on the divisive topic.

One person tried to argue with Katie in a reasonable manner, saying: “You’ve missed the point, they let James Holmes live after murdering 12 people. Yet they shoot unarmed black children/teens.”

Other people were clearly very upset by her tweet and reacted in a less forgiving way, bombarding her with abuse.

Katy Perry was one celeb who was shocked to the core by the verdict, and the star who’s currently in Australia clearly wanted to express her concern for the people of her nation, as she tweeted: “Sending my prayers to Ferguson & praying for an equal America.”

While Happy hit-maker Pharrell Williams simply stated that he was “heartbroken” over the decision, but still urged people to be peaceful in their protests to the charges beingdropped against WIlson.

Whatever happens, we just hope that the situation in Ferguson is resolved peacefully.

And, perhaps, Katie should stick to her usual celeb bashing for the time being.

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