Katie Piper Fears That One Of Her Attackers Will Soon Be Released On Parole

Inspirational Katie Piper has taken to her MazSight page to share her heart-rending “thought of the day” about the attackers who threw acid in her face in 2008.

The mum-of-one, who is still undergoing regular surgery following the brutal attack, is concerned that the two men responsible will soon be back on the streets as one approaches the halfway mark of his prison sentence, normally leaving him eligible for parole.

After sharing a photo of herself in a hospital gown as she prepares for even more hospital treatment, Katie posted an image that read: “Parole is a legal right for an offender – one of my attackers is now halfway through his sentence, possibility of release.

“The victim, well, there is no halfway through this medical sentence – it’s ongoing for life.

“Life means life but sadly only for one of us.”

Heartbreaking, we think that you will all agree.

The attack on Katie was arranged by her ex-boyfriend but carried out by an accomplice, with both parties being given life sentences following their arrest.

The star had to undergo painful surgical procedures where surgeons removed all of the skin from her face before rebuilding it with a skin substitute and graft, and in recent weeks Katie has had to have repeated surgery on her oesophagus, which was torn last month when she was undergoing surgery to have scar tissue removed.

The tear was causing her extreme pain, vomiting, and resulted in her losing a stone in just two weeks, the star revealed back in March: “I went in for a routine operation to remove scar tissue from my attack but there were complications.

“I was discharged but started to deteriorate.

“It’s been very painful and I’ve lost a stone in fifteen days so I had to come in and be monitored.

“A stone is a lot and I look like a skeleton but hope to be back home and back to normal ASAP – all fun and games.”

Sadly, the complications meant that she had to miss her daughter’s first birthday party, as well as pull out of various work commitments.

We think that it is pretty clear to see that the TV presenter wasn’t lying when she said that there is no halfway mark for the victim, and we can only hope that she has all of the support that she needs at this difficult time.

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