Katie Piper Gets Engaged To Boyfriend James!

And in Saturday romance news, all-round lovely woman Katie Piper has announced that she’s only gone and got herself hitched to her boyfriend James!


The campaigner, columnist and TV presenter took to Twitter this morning to announced her oh-so-happy news.

The ‘Body Shock’ presenter wrote: ‘So excited to tell you all………….. I became someone’s fiancé last night! I’m engaged to be married :)’

The whole thing was even more cute because it looked like Katie had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what was happening, and sort of ended up documenting what she thought was just a standard night in at hers.

Earlier on in the evening, Katie revealed how she’d been at Winter Wonderland with their daughter Belle (CUTE) and how her soon-to-be fiancé had decided that they’d have a quiet night in together.


James, a carpenter, met Katie a few years ago – and they welcomed their daughter Belle into the world in April this year.

Katie told The Mirror that she knew he was ‘da one’ after he stuck with her through some pretty horrific sounding operations at the start of their time together:

“I knew right then I could let myself fall in love with him because he would never hurt me intentionally.”

“When he first came to the flat, I hid pictures of me with my mask on with my family and my doctor, which made me feel like a fraud. I didn’t want to put him off, then I realised it was OK to be me.”

“We’ve talked a lot about what it’s going to be like for Belle growing up and there’s all kinds of different factors to consider. I wonder if we’re over-talking it,” Katie said.

CONGRATS GUYS. Do we get an invite to the party?

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