Katie Price Congratulates Loverat Kieran Hayler For Getting Through Therapy As She Gushes Over Wedding Vows

Katie Price is seriously determined to prove to the haters that a leopard most definitely can change their spots, as she took to Twitter yet again to gush about her cheating husband, Kieran Hayler.

The former glamour model was left heartbroken when she discovered that her hubby had been doing the dirty with two of her best friends, and whilst Jane Poutney and Chrissy Thomas have been called every name under the sun by the mum-of-five, Kieran has got off pretty lightly.

Insisting that Kieran’s ten-month-affair whilst Katie was pregnant was all down to the former stripper’s sex addiction, the 26-year-old signed up to a spot of therapy to help him get over his problem and, according to Katie, it’s all going swimmingly.

Sharing a photo of some flowers, Katie wrote: “Love my amazing flowers from my hubby so proud how well he has come through therapy people can change #soinlove”

And just in case you missed that gushing hashtag, the 36-year-old reiterated just how much she bloomin’ loves him with another tweet about their upcoming Wedding renweal, which read: “Can’t wait for our wedding vows :)

And just in case you were STILL feeling a little cynical about the Pricey taking Kieran back, she posted yet ANOTHER tweet, reading: “Something’s happen for reasons that are not nice but by being persistent you can get a happy ending”.

Thanks babes, glad we cleared that one up.

Although we can’t help but think that as Katie has so much love for Kieran, she should be able to extend some of that forgiveness towards the two pals who she continues to slag off all over the internet, almost a year later.

Not that we’re expecting the gals to sit down to a bottle of wine and have a natter about old times, but maybe she should consider playing down posting photos of them and calling them sl*gs and wh*res?

Don’t ya think?

After all, Kates, it does take two to tango.

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