Katie Price Has Been Asked To Audition For X Factor By Simon Cowell

We are starting to think she will literally do anything.

Simon Cowell is reportedly ‘desperate’ to convince Katie Price to audition for X Factor.
To be honest, this would be pretty darn incredible.

“This year, producers are asking celebs to put themselves  through the audition process to make it more interesting.”

If by interesting they presumably mean ‘humiliating’ and ‘TV gold’.

“Simon got in contact with Katie and asked if she’d consider singing for the panel. At first, she thought he was taking the p*ss, but producers have been calling her non-stop and she’s considering it.”

“She knows Simon Cowell wouldn’t stitch her up – they’ve known each other for years.”

Er, famous last words much?

However, let us not forget (we know our ears certainly don’t) Jordan’s past ventures into the world of music.

Of course there was that incredible moment when a PVC clad pregnant Jordan appeared on Eurovision ‘Making Your Mind Up’.

The nation certainly did ‘make their minds up’ and went with Javine as our 2005 entry.  However, Katie did come second. What could have been, eh?

In 2006 she released an actual album of actual music with then-husband Peter Andre – they covered A Whole New world and our ears bled, remember?

And then there was THAT moment in 2010 when she released Free To Love Again – arguably, the anthem of a generation.

As comical as it was offensive the incredible track was reminiscent of a hen night karaoke session with added auto tune and PVC.

And with Jordan proclaiming a top ten single is ‘on her bucket list’ our ears are braced for more where that lot came from.

Rob Cesternino

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