Katie Price Has EPIC Twitter Meltdown


Ahh, Katie Price. Perhaps one of our most favourite women of all time, least of all for giving us SUCH good social media ‘fodder’ for the past god-knows-how-many years.

Well last night it appeared that either the pain relief from her recent labour hadn’t quite worn off, or she’d just had her first drink in 9 months – whatever it was, the Pricey was giving us some Twitter GOLD.

And did any of it make sense? No, of course not – it doesn’t have to. IT’S JORDAN.

Sticking two fingers up at feminism, Katie continued her tirade of abuse against Jane Poutney and Chrissy Thomas (both of whom have allegedly slept with her husband Kieran Hayler , AS IF YOU COULD FORGET) – branding them ‘whores’ and ‘sl*ts’.

We wonder though – what does that make Kieran then? Funny how he’s no longer the ‘bad guy’ eh.

Anyway, Katie kicked off proceedings with Chrissy – and was really keen to let us know where she works:

That’s WALLS Ice Cream folks, WALLS Ice Cream.

Why is she so obsessed with Walls? Is this all part of some sort of brand tie-up gone horribly wrong? And why is Danny Dyer in the photo?!

Anyway, Katie ‘The Oracle’ Price was very keen to stress the old adage “If it can happen to me, it can happen to you” (Read – ‘Fit people can get cheated on to – just like YOU lesser mortals’):

But ‘The Artist Formerly Known As Jordan’ didn’t stop with the warnings there, as old favourite Jane Poutney was next in the firing line – this time, with a warning to all the other mums  at her kid’s school:

Parent’s Evening will probably be  bit awkward next year.

But what we’re all forgetting is that first and foremost, the Pricey is an astute businesswoman – so of course, every Twitter breakdown has to have a bit of product placement (regardless of how irrelevant).

Great babes, thanks for that.

And it wouldn’t be a PROPER Twitter prang-out without Katie showing off some skin for absolutely no reason (other than making other women jealous/scared of her). Captioning the image,  “After past months of stress and lack of confidence after what them scum women did to me it’s certainly coming back now I’ve had baby!”, Katie neglected to mention who the child was in the top left hand corner, and what he/she was doing  whilst Katie posed precariously close by.


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