Katie Price ‘In Talks’ To Make Hollywood Biopic

Next stop – the Oscars.

Katie Price is reportedly bugging Hollywood producers to make a biopic of her life.

And now the model is reportedly ‘in talks’ with US publishing company Simon and Schuster whose fancy was tickled by Katie’s tales of cheating husbands and surprise pregnancies.

‘One girl, three husbands, five kids… ONE AMAZING RAGS TO RICHES STORY’ – we can almost hear the trailer now.

The company is apparently dead keen on taking Katie’s bestselling books and translating them to the silver screen.

A source says: “Katie’s been through a hell of a lot in her thirty six years, but she was clever to document it all down in her books.

“They’re always great sellers and now they can form the basis for a film of her life.

“The publishers think there will be a great appetite to watch a dramatisation of Katie’s crazy life and they’re so keen to get her on board, they’re talking about a hefty pay cheque to go with it.”

But just who would play Katie? Well, we’ve heard Tulisa has some free time and is keen to get into acting – we think she could be the perfect match.

However, apparently Jordan is keen for someone else to play her – namely, Carmen Electra.

“Katie has always admired Carmen Electra and thinks they’re very similar in many ways,” the source says.

“They met several years ago on a photoshoot and Katie’s always remembered her- she thinks she’d be perfect for the role and would bring a lot of necessary drama needed to the production.”

So how about it Carmen? Can we expect your name on the dotted line?

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