Katie Price Is Back To Her Original Breast Size For First Time In SEVENTEEN Years

Today’s Breaking News: Katie Price is reportedly back to her original breast size after undergoing surgery to remove that pesky infected implant that she kept bleating on about in Celebrity Big Brother.

And just in case that wasn’t exciting enough for you, it is the first time that her boobs have been that size in seventeen years.


The 36-year-old dashed to have her dodgy implant sorted immediately after winning Big Bro, and it is now thought that she is down to a 32B – the size that she was before she embarked on her one-woman mission to be the bustiest glamour gal in the industry.

Katie had her first boob job in 1998, and at her largest size she was a whopping 32FF, she jetted to Belgium last November to have her seventh boob job – which was a bid to make her chest look a little bit more natural.

However, it didn’t quite go to plan and the star was left with a leaking, “paper-thin”, bad-smelling boob, which prompted the emergency surgery.

A source dished to The Sun about the disappointing results: “It’s been pretty traumatic for Katie. She’s been saying she’s been left with spaniels’ ears and terrible scars.

“It’s upsetting because she went through a lot of pain and was really excited about her new chest size.

“She’s wearing chicken fillets to fill out what used to be there.”

Somebody else who wasn’t impressed with Katie’s surgery was her rent-a-gob housemate, Katie Hopkins, who said of the mum-of-five upon leaving the house: “She just lay there holding her boob, which was falling out and stank of dead people.

“It was fetid. The surgeon came in three times to look at her and she was on huge amounts of antibiotics.

“It was just bonkers. Her relationship with her boobs is off the scale bonkers.”


If that hasn’t put you right off your cornflakes then we don’t know what will…

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