Katie Price: ‘Kieran Just Has To Blink And I Seem To Get Pregnant’

Why stop at five kids?

Katie Price has made no secret of her desire to have more children, previously saying that she wants at least two more and might opt to use a foreign surrogate instead.

But now the 36-year-old appears to have had a change of heart, telling The Mirror that she’ll continue to have kids well into her forties, and conception shouldn’t be an issue.

Katie said: “I will have more kids in my forties. It’s a long way off yet, who knows how hard it will be to conceive?

“But I do know with Kieran he only has to blink and look what happens – I’m pregnant. When you’re compatible with someone it doesn’t matter if you’ve got strong swimmers or not.”

Ew Katie, ever heard of too much information?

We DEFFO didn’t need to know about your husband’s “strong swimmers”.

 Katie already has two children with her loverat hubby Kieran Hayler, two-month-old Bunny, and one-year-old Jett.

She then has her two children with ex-husband Peter Andre, seven-year-old Princess, and nine-year-old Junior, and finally twelve-year-old Harvey, who she had with footballer Dwight Yorke.

Talk about a full house!

Speaking at the launch of her new book, where she made our eyes pop out of our heads when she dressed up as a raunchy ice queen, Katie gushed about her family‘s plans for Christmas, saying: “I can’t wait to have a big Christmas with my family and this year it’s great because we’ll have all the kids as Junior and Princess will be at mine.

“It will be Bunny’s first Christmas, so we’ll make a big effort.”

But despite seemingly embracing her role as a mother, she couldn’t resist giving us another vomtastic insight into her role as a wife to ex-stripper Kieran when it comes to the festive period.

She shared: “Kieran being an ex-stripper means he’s got all the costumes, I’m sure he’s got a Santa one there.

“I’d like to sit on his lap and see what’s in his package.”


We’ll never look at Father Christmas in quite the same light after that one.

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