Katie Price Lays Into Kelly Brook Again, Says She ‘Looks Bigger Than Normal’

She’s back talking about her favourite subject.

Katie Price is back laying into Kelly Brook, this time saying that she looks ‘bigger than usual’ and that her engagement to David Mackintosh will ‘never work out’.

Talk about a double blow!

Speaking on her Radio Show on FUBAR which is now basically turning into guaranteed weekly Pricey headlines, Katie told her cohost Mark Dolan:

 “I’m not having a pop at Kelly because I think she’s one of the most beautiful women around, but she does look quite curvy and she’s always in the gym but she’s looking bigger than she normally does.”

“When you look at her campaign pictures she looks amazing and it’s fooling the consumer.”

So basically Katie pulled a classic ‘No offense, but…’ followed by the most offensive thing possible.
When asked about Kelly’s future with her fiancée David Mackintosh, the 35-year-old said “Eugh, well. Okay, let me just say, I don’t think they’ll [Kelly and David] last.”

Er, people in glass houses much?

“Prove me wrong, I hope they do,” she continued. “I don’t really know him well. It’s not about bodies for me. It doesn’t mean absolutely sh*t to me now.”

This isn’t the first time that Katie has laid into Kelly. In 2013 she caused controversy (her specialty) when she called the model a ‘heifer’ and made comments about her weight.

Vicky Pattison

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