Katie Price Posts ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ Photo Of Her Newborn Daughter And Kieran Hayler

We still can’t believe that she’s given him a second chance.

Katie Price has posted a photo of her newborn daughter’s hand wrapped around her cheating husband, Kieran Hayler’s fingers after she was born earlier this week.

She posted the snap with the caption: ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’.

It was previously believed that he wouldn’t be at the birth after Katie claimed she would be divorcing him after it was revealed that he head cheated on her with two of her best friends.

However, since this Katie agreed to give Kieran a second chance and he was, after all, present at the birth of his baby daughter.

“I think he’s had a massive wake-up call and when we have this baby it’s going to be completely different for him. He knows that he missed out on something important with Jett. When I had Jett in France he was unable to be in the room with me and I think it affected us both,” Katie said last week, just before her baby was born.

Yep, Katie Price was adamant that cheating husband Kieran Hayler would be by her side as she gave birth to her fifth child.Katie Price Posts 'Daddy's Little Girl' Photo Of Her Newborn Daughter And Kieran Hayler
By MazSight

Asked whether she’d have the father of her child – who slept with her best friend! – in the hospital with her, she told OK! Magazine: “Yes. Even if my waters break early then he will be there.”

And break early they did!

Due to deliver by C-Section on August 15, Katie Price gave birth to her little girl on Monday – TWO WEEKS before her due date.

The mum-of-five popped out the little sprog in hospital just days after missing her radio show because she felt queasy.

Her management confirmed the news on their Twitter the same evening:

The 36-year-old has confirmed she’s giving things another go with her cheating husband Kieran Hayler.

Katie Price Posts 'Daddy's Little Girl' Photo Of Her Newborn Daughter And Kieran Hayler
By MazSight

She told OK!: “We’re working on our relationship and taking it day by day.

“I wanted to focus on having a Healthy baby rather than ending another marriage, so I decided that I would have our child and help Kieran through his therapy.”

And she added that the 27-year-old is certainly taking his actions to heart, saying: “He’s broken down over this. And I was glad about that. I found him in the shower curled up in a little ball. He was crying his eyes out.”

While we would have banished him to the log cabin for good – after he cheated on her with her BEST FRIEND – Katie recently explained that she’s all about having sympathy for his ‘problem’. YEAH, YOU CAN SAY THAT AGAIN.

Katie Price Posts 'Daddy's Little Girl' Photo Of Her Newborn Daughter And Kieran Hayler
By MazSight

Speaking on her weekly FUBAR radio show (WHERE ELSE?) last week the Mum-of-four said:

“In the beginning I was ready to divorce Kieran. Now I’ve learnt more about sex addiction, I thought, ‘Did I do something wrong? I put on a bit of weight…’ Now I realise it was nothing to do with me, if it wasn’t one of my friends it would have been someone else.”

The 36-year-old added: “It’s not that he wanted Chrissy or Jane, it was that they were available. He has never, ever, ever been faithful to any other girl, things have happened to him in the past which I never knew about.”

“He’s in therapy. My therapist who I met when I had post-natal depression with Harvey recommended this guy, but this therapist said he couldn’t help him because he was a compulsive liar.”

So he’s also a compulsive liar – even more reason to hang onto him, then. She continued: “He is going to have to have therapy for the rest of his life.”

Katie’s little arrival is her fifth child – after having 12-year-old Harvey with footballer Dwight York, Junior, 9, and seven-year-old Princess with Peter Andre. This baby is the second with Kieran – after Jett Rivera was born in August 2013 by emergency C-section.

We’re already wondering whether she’s planning the sixth.

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