Katie Price Seemingly Posts Message About Kieran Hayler, World Stops In State Of Disbelief

Er, we can’t remember the old man in Up cheating on his pregnant wife but still…

Katie Price has posted what we suppose was intended to be a ‘cute’ message on Twitter dedicated to ‘the one she loves.’ Who FYI, we definitely DO NOT love.

We presume she must be referring to her cheating husband Kieran Hayler who she recently,
unbelievably, agreed to take back even after he sold buckets of stories to the Sunday redtops saying that he cheated on her with her best mate.

“We come to love not by loving the perfect person but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly,” the message reads accompanied by the super cute old couple from Up.

Well, Kieran Hayler is CERTAINLY not perfect – this we know for sure.

So rather than banishing him to the log cabin for good, it seems more certain than ever that Kieran is well and truly back in the Pricey nook.

Remarkable work on his behalf.

The 36-year-old followed up this message with another similarly lovey-dovey post. Observe:

“It’s not true that you fall in love only once in your life but It is true that you only fall in love in a certain way with certain absoluteness , once,” it reads.

That’s lovely and all but we wonder if David Gilmour had in mind feeling this absoluteness for a man who reckons he preferred unprotected sex when he was cheating on his pregnant wife ‘because he loved the thrill’.

We think not.

[Katie Price posts picture of baby daughter with Kieran Hayler]

[Kieran Hayler tried to CHEAT lie detector by necking a load of red bull]

Xeni Jardin

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