Katie Price Shares Photo Of Seventh Boob Job Breast Implants From Hospital Bed, TMI OVERLOAD

This gives a whole new meaning to ‘TMI’.

Katie Price left her Twitter fans shocked as she shared a series of photos from her hospital bed whilst she prepared for her SEVENTH boob job, including a snap of the new implants on the table next to her.

Oh, but she’s usually so quiet and reserved…

The former glamour model kickstarted her sharing spree with a sultry selfie from the hospital bed, captioned: “Omg omg omg :))))))”

She then teased her followers with another selfie, asking: “What can I see :))))”

To be fair, considering the vast amount of things that she could potentially see we were a tiny bit relieved when she posted the next photo and it was a snap of her new breast implants, ready and waiting to be popped into her boobs, and not a naughty photo of her ex-stripper husband Kieran Hayler.

It just could have been worse, y’know?

However, what we definitely were not prepared for was the rather vomtastic caption: “Like I’ve been saying, out with the old in with the new ;)” which just gave us all-too-graphic visuals of Katie’s boobs and surgical knives.


Following the procedure, the 36-year-old was quick to keep us all updated as she posted yet another selfie with the caption: “Here I am in my hospital bed feeling great :)))”

Well considering she has had the same surgery no less than six times before, being nipped and tucked must be a doddle for Katie.

In fact, we wouldn’t expect her to feel anything less than great seeing as she is practically a breast implant pro at this stage in her life.

The mum-of-five revealed back in October that she was having her breast implants refreshed as a little Christmas treat to herself.

She divulged: “I’m getting my boobs done again – my Christmas pressie to myself. You heard it here first.

“Two years of pregnancy have made them a little saggy. When I’m an old lady and I die I’ll have the perfect boobs. Everything else will have sagged but my boobs.”

Well you can’t say that she isn’t forward-thinking, eh?

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