Katie Price SLAMS Katie Hopkins And Reveals That She Only ‘Pretends’ To Have Controversial Opinions

Katie Hopkins has been taking swipes at Katie Price ever since she proved to be the more popular Katie and stole the Celebrity Big Brother crown.

However, after keeping a dignified silence for what seems like yonks, the Pricey has finally hit back at the rent-a-gob, and she wasn’t exactly full of compliments…

Speaking to The Sun, the 36-year-old former glamour model slayed: “Katie H kept taking her top off in the house to reveal her abs, but she’s got an unfortunate Spongebob Squarepants figure and her skin is covered in unsightly moles.”

Erm, comparing somebody’s body to a mole-covered sponge… Is that just a little bit harsh?

The mum-of-five continued: “At first I thought Katie Hopkins had food stuck in her teeth but when I got closer I realised it’s actually a rotting crown on her front tooth which has gone all black.

“That explains the foul smelling breath which made life hell in there.”

Ouch. Don’t hold back, Pricey – say what you really feel.

Perhaps most interestingly, not that we aren’t fascinated by former Apprentice star’s halitosis of course, was the claim that Katie Hopkins absolutely doesn’t believe the majority of the controversial things that she says.

Yes, we know, she literally just says things to get the impact – who’d have thought it, eh?

Referencing a Big Brother debate where the 39-year-old said that she doesn’t believe that ADHD is a real illness, Katie P revealed: “When the discussion was over she leaned over and whispered to me that her daughter has it.”


Kinda like that time she said she hated ‘locational names’ and Philip Schofield pointed out that her daughter’s name is India.


Because it wasn’t a compliment, motormouth Katie H saw the funny side of what Katie P had to say, brushing off the comments by tweeting: “‘Pricey’. Funny – for one so cheap.”

We have a feeling that this is one war far from being over…

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