Katie Price Supports Ex Flings Dane Bowers And Gareth Gates At Big Reunion Tour

Well, there certainly doesn’t seem to be any bitterness on Katie’s part.

Katie Price treated her loverat hubby, Kieran Hayler, to a night out in London to see two of her former flings perform as part of The Big Reunion Tour, with friends – including Michelle Heaton. 

Who says that romance is dead, eh?

The 36-year-old supported her old boyfriend, and co-star of that infamous sex tape, Dane Bowers and Dane just so happens to be in a band with Gareth Gates, who lost his virginity to Katie when he was a fresh-faced, spiked-hair, seventeen-year-old.

Oh, and she was quite heavily pregnant with Dwight Yorke’s baby at the time.

Twelve years later and that story still makes us vom.

Despite previously saying that Dane, who Katie dated between 1998 and 2000, was the first person to ever break her heart, there was apparently no awkwardness between the two and it sounds as though the mum-of-five was the popstar’s biggest cheerleader during Dane’s DJ set at the afterparty.

A source revealed to The Sun: “It was really awkward. Everybody knew Katie had history with both guys. She seemed quite drunk and made a real point of being right at the front for Dane’s DJ set.

“Kieran was following her around like a puppy.”

We should think so to, best to keep him close by so that he doesn’t nip off and do the dirty with another of Katie’s BFFs in the toilets.

Although things are clearly all good between Katie and Dane, it looks as though the former glamour model still makes Gareth quake in his boots as he reportedly “legged it” as soon as he saw that she was around.

Oh dear.

The Pop Idol finalist originally denied having a three-month romance with Katie, but later admitted to it all, saying: “I don’t regret sleeping with Jordan [Katie]. It was an amazing time.

“I wish I hadn’t lied about it though. At the end of Pop Idol I did have a brief relationship with Jordan. I was 17 years old… I was pursued by her. I was bemused as to why she went to the press as I see relationships as private.

“I shouldn’t have denied it but I did. I was naive. But I learnt a lot from this experience.”

Gareth has previously spoken out about how he struggled to cope with the backlash that he got for lying about his secret affair, but he defended his decision to hold back on the truth because he didn’t want his family knowing the details of his sex life.

Which, considering Katie’s reputation, is probably a valid enough reason in itself.

Katie’s current husband, Kieran, cheated on the star with two of her best friends while she was pregnant with their first child together. 

Although she was quick to cut the friends from her life, Katie has stuck by her man but recently the family moved house in order to escape the painful memories of his infidelity, but they haven’t exactly gone far.

In fact, they’ve just moved into the house next door.

At just thirty metres away you might wonder whether that is still a tad too close to the scene of Kieran’s crime for Katie to well and truly move on, however, at least she won’t have to go anywhere near the dastardly stables where her husband did the dirty with Jane Poutney of West Chiltington, and they were the real trouble for her.

A source had previously told The Sun: “The stables hold very painful memories for her and she has been visiting them less and less.

“She wants a fresh start and to forget what happened, this sale will be part of that.”

But thankfully Katie isn’t going without, with her new lavish property also boasting stables as well as tennis courts and 12 acres of land.

Which, if you can believe it, is actually a downsize from her old home, which had a whopping 53 acres.

Katie was obviously happy to keep it casual this time around.

Speaking of keeping it casual, the former glamour model has also revealed the details of her 2014 Christmas present to herself, and it’s a good’un.

Katie revealed: “I’m getting my boobs done again – my Christmas pressie to myself. You heard it here first.

“Two years of pregnancy have made them a little saggy. When I’m an old lady and I die I’ll have the perfect boobs. Everything else will have sagged but my boobs.”

Well, what old lady doesn’t want to die with perfect boobs?

Katie gave birth to her fifth child, Bunny, back in August which was almost exactly a year after she gave birth to son, Jett Riveria.

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