Katie Price Talks Rolf Harris Trial, Relates It To Her Own Past Of Sexual Abuse

Is nothing off limits?

Katie Price’s weekly radio show was in full swing yesterday and it seems that she really will discuss anything.

Yesterday’s topic of conversation was the Rolf Harris trial.

Katie’s view? Well, don’t let US put words in her mouth…

“You would never expect this. You never know. You can’t say ‘That person looks like a paedophile’,” she said, adding:

“I know they like to be humane in this country. But he should suffer for it. Why should he be treated any different in prison – just because he’s older?”

“I think they should lock him up and throw away the key.”

She then turned her attention to his wife, Alwen, and daughter, Bindi, who have been seen showing their support to Rolf throughout the trail, saying: ‘They must know he is guilty’.

The 36-year-old added that she can personally relate to his victims having suffered sexual abuse in her own childhood.

“I was sexually assaulted in a bush when I was seven… the police came and took my knickers and stuff but they never caught him. But you never forget it,” Katie said.

She continued: “I have been raped.”

“Sometimes  I wonder if that’s why I did the glamour model job – it was maybe control. Like, you can look at me but you can’t touch me.”

She added: “I hope that they [Rolf's victims] can find a way to move past it now.”

Rolf, who was found guilty of 12 counts of indecent assault yesterday, is set to be sentenced for his crimes on Friday.

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