Katie Price Wears CRAY Winter Outfit At Book Launch

It’s a case of another book launch and another err intersting outfit for Katie Price, as she launched her latest novel.

KP took inspiration from her *COUGH* latest tome and dressed up mimicking the front jacket’s rather saucy ice queen get-up.

Although in true Pricey style hers showed a ‘little’ more chest, and was plastered with a suitable amount of bling.

When we say suitable what we’re actually saying is a TON of shiny things!

With a raven black wig in place to offset all the white, and accessorising it all with a revealing white hooded cape, Katie looked a cross between Arctic circle resident and a lingerie model…we’re guessing this is the look she was going for, because it’s the only thing we could think of that she was aiming for.

And, in case you hadn’t a clue what the title of the book hints at, she made it abundantly clear by brandishing a HUGE fairy wand at one point.

So large and sparkly in fact, that we felt that it could actually put some Christmas trees to shame!

But never one to take her self too seriously Katie looked like she was having a blast, and even had to enlist some extra help to move around in her costume.

While this outfit may not be the most shocking one we’ve ever seen, we have to say it probably ranks up there with the best (or worst depending on how you look at it) outfits Katie has appeared in.

In fact we’ve put together our TOP 5 Krazy Katie outfits below, and we think you might just recognise one or two!

Number 1

In at No.1 is Katie’s errrr…….colourful outfit above. Words just can’t do it justice really!

Number 2

It was a close contender for first place, but claiming second place is this pink themed horse costume. We were’nt aware that horse came in the colour pink, but it just goes to show Katie teaches us something new at every launch!

Number 3

Coming in thrid place is Katie’s very own crown of iPods, because you know, when you launch your own iPod you get a crown made of them.

Number 4

Riding high at number four is…well we don’t really need to explain this one at all do we!

Number 5

And capping off our top five is this Marie Antoinette inspired number, but while we know it’s period and that’s all chic at the moment, we just can’t quite get over the slightly off-the-wall colour scheme and wig.

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