Katie Price’s Birthday: Her Cheekiest Instagram Pics

She’s a fan of tongue in cheek humour and cheeks of a more *ahem* physical nature.

And Katie Price is happy to show off her cheeky ways on her MazSight account, whether she’s LOLing about her fake tan developing or sharing cheeky shots of her barely clothed bod.

As Katie celebrates her 37th birthday today, we’re celebrating with her cheekiest pics.

1. Katie’s Cheeky Cheeks Pose

“I’m feeling cheeky”

She’s certainly not the shy retiring type when it comes to flashing the flesh.

Katie shared a shot of her *ahem* cheeks on April Fools Day this year, but it’s no joke that this hot bod definitely belongs to the model, leg tatt and all.   

2. Katie’s Cheeky Moment With A Water Bottle

“Cheeky pricey”

When Kate herself calls a pose cheeky, you know it’s going to be a bit risqué.

And this shot of the model pouring water over her scantily clad bod is nothing if not cheeky.

That looks like some sort of army assault cause vibe with the khaki water bottle and netting. *Insert joke about many a man wanting to commando crawl under that mesh*

3. Katie’s Cheeky Tan Lines

“Woke up Faking it & ❤in it with @fakebakeunited thanks to @VicFakeBake & @SandraMcClumpha for sending @TheTanExpert”

Anyone who follows Katie’s social media knows she loves a sideways pose.

And this shot from March 2015 is a classic, showing off her trim torso and the apparent focus of the pic, her fake tan. But we all know the real focus of this photo is her almost bare derriere.

4. Katie’s Cheeky Trouser Slip

“Loving my body feeling so natural xx”

If that last picture was exhibit A for the Pricey’s love of a side-on shot, consider this exhibit B.

While ostensibly this shot from March 2015 is Katie showing the world how much she’s enjoying her new natural body, and there’s no denying she looks fab-u-lous, we can’t help but notice how low slung her trousers are. That’s a fair amount of cheek on display there, madam.

5. Katie’s Cheeky Calendar

“2015 calendar OUT NOW! www.katieprice.co.uk and head over to the #Shop xx”

Katie gets away with being entirely in the nude by her well-placed arms and the angle.

But there’s still no denying that she is entirely in the nude in this calendar shot she shared in January 2015. That’s pretty darn cheeky behaviour.

Keep sharing the cheekiness Katie, and we’ll keep pulling our best OMG faces.


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