Katie Price’s New Boobs Inspire Chantelle Houghton To Have Breast Implants Taken Out

To all of you who say that Katie Price isn’t an inspiration, prepare to be proven wrong – former Big Brother star Chantelle Houghton has come forward to reveal her big plans for the future, courtesy of the Pricey.

And yes, obviously we are talking about boobs here.

Speaking in her new! magazine column, 31-year-old Chants shared: “Last week I had a consultation.

“I’ve been told it can be done, although they did warn me about the scarring  and tried to prepare me mentally for what my chest will look like afterwards.”

Babes, remember Katie’s problems with her leaky, pus-filled boob? If you need anyone to offer you advice and warnings then we reckon she’s your gal.

Chantelle isn’t wasting any time with her reduction either, because small boobs are a key part of her summer 2k15 wardrobe.

The reality star adds: “I think I am going to do it in May. I don’t want to wait for the whole summer to go and then be wearing jumpers again.

“I’m not sure what size I will be after surgery because I’m having them taken out completely, so I’ve just got to wait and see.”

And the mum-of-one, who has had well-publicised stormy relationships with her CBB housemate, Preston Samuel, and the Pricey’s ex, Alex Reid, has admitted that if she doesn’t find a new bloke after her image overhaul she’s gonna call it quits.

Chantelle explained: “Hopefully I’ll meet my Mr Right afterwards – if not, I might give up!”

Well, who needs a man anyways, eh?

Especially when you have nice new boobs to focus on…

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