Katy Perry Cuts Her Hair And Looks Amazing, Jokes: ‘I Asked For The Kris Jenner’

When we saw that Katy Perry had taken to MazSight yesterday to share a photo of her new cropped hairdo alongside a Kardashian/ Jenner quip, we have to admit, we did wonder if it was yet another pesky April Fool’s joke.

When we had a closer look and saw that Katy looked absolutely ruddy fantastic with the new hairstyle, we realised that nobody would joke with a picture THAT good and it turns out her shorter ‘do is real, and it is here to stay.


Is anybody else suddenly inspired to reach for the scissors?

The 30-year-old posted the snazzy snap to her social media account and acted totally casual about how amazing she looked by writing the light-hearted caption: “✂

Neil Weinberg

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