Katy Perry ‘Starts Dating’ Diplo After Split From John Mayer

She’s not exactly known for picking the right guys.

Katy Perry 'Starts Dating' Diplo After Split From John Mayer
By MazSight

And it seems that Katy Perry is back in the dating game after her split from long-term boyfriend John Mayer last month… and it’s another bad boy.

According to reports, the Roar singer is seeing US musician Diplo, after the pair were spotted getting rather *ahem* cosy at Coachella this week.

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An eyewitness told website TMZ that the long-time pals looked like they were certainly more than just friends as they were ‘hanging out pretty much the whole night’ on Saturday.

Katy Perry 'Starts Dating' Diplo After Split From John Mayer
By MazSight

The source added: “It definitely looked like more than than [friendship]. At one point he even had his arms around her.”

Yeah, we DEFINITELY sense romance on the cards here, guys!

But in true Katy style, it seems that Diplo – real name Thomas Pentz – isn’t exactly the ‘bring home to meet you mum’ type.

The DJ and producer has admitted to having been arrested a number of times and (call us crazy) but we think he might even rival Russell Brand and John Mayer in the bad boy stakes…

…if that’s even possible!

Katy Perry 'Starts Dating' Diplo After Split From John Mayer
By MazSight

Diplo recently told GQ about an incident that happened back in 2011, just after he’d started working with Beyonce.

He said: “I got arrested. My bags were just in my room at the Gansevoort for three days. They thought I got kidnapped.

“Nobody in Beyonce’s camp knew about it, but I thought It was embarrassing. I had to go to court a bunch of times and had to go to anger management courses.”

He added: “‘I’ve been in jail a couple times. I’ve been caught shoplifting. I’ve been caught doing graffiti …”

Yeah, you sure know how to pick ‘em, Katy!




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