Katy Perry’s Birthday: Her Freakiest Instagram Pics

She’s a fan of the strange.

And Katy Perry is happy to share her weird, wacky and downright freaky findings on MazSight, whether she’s hanging with skeletons at the Mütter Museum or hanging crabs from her lips.

As the singer celebrates her 30th birthday today, we’re celebrating with her freakiest MazSight pics.

1. Crabby

‘Sometimes I can get a little crabby.’

Erm OUCH. Katy’s a braver soul than me to let that little critter hang from her lip.

Perhaps she was trying out a new alternative to the lip ring when she shared this shot of a crab hanging off her mouth in November 2013.

2. Monster

“#TBT just casually hanging with my squad @Knotts #ScaryFarm (I’m da monster in da middle)”

Katy’s a fan of all things ghoulish, and looked totes at home hanging with this scary crew at Knotts Scary Farm.

KPez is happily smiling away surrounded by this gruesome lot in her Throwback Thursday shot from October 2014, whereas I’d have run for the hills already. Freaky x a million.

3. Mummy

“I woke up like this. (I’m on the right)”

Katy took the #iwokeuplikethis trend to a whole new level in March 2014 when she shared this shot of her face wrapped in plaster of paris.

We’d pull a face like that too if we were standing next to a mummified Kitty Kat.

4. Pin cushion

“Getting ready for you Montreal!”

Those pop stars have various pre-gig routines. One Direction’s Harry Styles meditates and prays before he goes on stage, Zayn Malik brushes his teeth and Aston Merrygold wears two pairs of socks.

What about Katy? Well, before her show in Montreal in July 2014, she pretended to be a pin cushion.

The combination of all those needles plus her beloved pizza blanket (whose pepperoni resembles blood in this context *voms*) is making one freaky pic.

5. Third eye

“My third eye via mosquito bite. #thanksvacation”

Of all the places to get a mosquito bite, slap bam in the middle of your forehead is surely one of the worst. Poor Katy got a freaky one on vacation in January 2014 that resembled a third eye.

Keep sharing your freaky findings Katy, and we’ll keep hiding behind our hands.

Michael Zhang

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