Keira Knightley Reignites Pregnancy Rumours As Fans Look For Baby Bump

It’s been almost exactly a month since Keira Knightley was first rumoured to be pregnant with baby no.1 – and by the looks of things, those rumours aren’t going away any time soon.

The 29-year-old actress stepped out for the Moet British Independent Film Awards last night – and despite the sponsor, seemed to stay firmly away from alcohol throughout.

With what looked like half a glass of untouched champagne and a glass of water beside her at her table, it didn’t take long for the rumour mill to kick into action.

One Sherlock-wannabe tweeted: “Keira hasn’t said anything yet but she’s sooo pregnant she’s not drinking alcohol [sic]“

Sporting a loose-fitting silver Simone Rocha gown, Keira stayed close to hubby James Righton’s side all night, leaving him only to present Benedict Cumberbatch with the Variety Award.

Keira’s choice of outfit also seemed to spark debate, with one fan asking: “I thought she was pregnant?” To which another user replied: “She could be – that dress isn’t fitted at her waist.”

In November, Star magazine in the US claimed that Keira was already three months pregnant with the couple’s first baby, revealing that it was a happy surprise for the pair.

A source snitched: “Keira and James are thrilled. This wasn’t planned, but that is how they wanted it. Keira and her stylist have been putting together looks that hide her growing bump.”

The actress has just finished filming her latest project, Everest, and is expected to take a break from acting (if Star at to be believed) when mini Knightley is born.

The source added: “She will be able to relax and settle into family life in London.”

Keira Knightley Reignites Pregnancy Rumours As Fans Look For Baby Bump
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Keira previously revealed that she’s not planning on giving up her career when she does start her family, admitting being a ‘stay-at-home mum’ isn’t right for her.

She added: “Would I want to be a stay-at-home mother? No. On the other hand, you should be allowed to do that, as should men, without being sneered at.”

Watch this space!

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