Kelly Brook Branded An ‘Insecure Control Freak’ By David McIntosh’s BFF

Doesn’t look like this split saga is going to end any time soon, does it?

Things haven’t exactly been amicable between Kelly Brook and David McIntosh in the two weeks following their recent split.

But it’s all about to get even worse now that David’s BFF, Ricci Guarnaccio, has hit back at Kel, labelling her an “insecure control freak”.

Blabbing his story to new!, the ex-Geordie Shore star said: “Kelly might be the loveliest person in the world but I’ve seen the phone calls and it seemed there was no trust there on her part.

“He’s done absolutely nothing wrong … She seems very, very insecure and controlling. She was constantly looking for things that weren’t there.”

Ricci goes on to say that David is still totally “besotted” with the 34-year-old and doesn’t want to let her go, insisting that his BFF “worshipped the ground she walked on”.

And as for those cheating claims, apparently it’s all a load of rubbish and David basically repelled women because he was so in love.

Ricci added: “I wouldn’t be standing up for him if he had [cheated] … [On our last night out together] He was still going on about her. He can’t believe it’s over and he’s angry that he’s been accused of cheating.”

But Ricci reckons Kel should have stopped keeping tabs on David and texting his ex-girlfriend, Sarah (who sold her story to The Sun), revealing that it left David “whipped”.

He claimed: “Kelly would be happy if he never went out, never saw hit mates and had control over his phone … I find it mind-boggling that Kelly’s in touch with his ex Sarah.

“She’d use David’s phone and pretend to be him to try to catch them both out. It’s childish. She’d message Sarah and copy David in so he could see it.

“She said things like, ‘I don’t think he’s The One,’ and, ‘His cooking is sh*t’. Why do that to someone you love? If you don’t love him, tell him. You’re a 34-year-old woman. I think she’s crazy.”

Despite all the claims, Kelly seems totally FINE following the couple’s break-up, apparently even getting cosy with her new co-star in LA.

Currently filming her debut role in US sitcom, One Big Happy, Kel is believed to have become rather close to actor Nick Zano. 

Who isn’t exactly hard on the eyes, in case you were wondering.

A source told The Sunday People: “There is incredible chemistry between them. They are enormously fond of each other and he has been there to keep her laughing.

“From the moment she was introduced to the audience she looked so happy. She was larking about, mostly with Nick, and seemed utterly determined to get on with life without Dave.”

The star has also taken to her MazSight page to share a selfie with Nick, captioning it: “Onscreen Dream @nickzano.”

A heart emoji was added to the end of that, fyi.

Ooft, no wonder Kelly looked so smiley the day after her break up if she had the arms of this Nick fella to fall into.

Onwards and upwards, eh Kels?

The 34-year-old has been handling the split much better than her ex-fiance, who wrote an emotional open letter to Kelly, labelling her the “love of his life”, after his ex, Sarah Harper, accused him of cheating with her.

David insists that he hasn’t done anything wrong and that his conscience is clear, and was even set to fly to the US to confront Kelly in a bid to win her back, but not before Kelly’s people threatened to move her to a secret location and up her security if he so much as tried.

Yeah, it all got pretty dramatic pretty quickly.

Following Kelly’s pretty public and embarrassing snub, David took a different approach to the split.

Whilst Kels went for the ‘I’m very busy and important and in America’ take on her social media, David provided us with near-hourly updates on how GREAT his single life is with a whole load of MazSight pics, mostly with his shirt off.

He captioned one snap: “Laaaaa laaa this morning I’m so overwhelmed in happiness im singing I was brought breakfast in bed yes it’s a coffee and a protein shake but the thought counts … holy smoked chicken livers im a lucky boy.”

After planting the ‘I might have a new girlfriend’ seed, he then revealed that it’s actually his BFF bringing him food, adding: “Dan Urwin ur duties haven’t stopped there my pyjamas need ironing chop chop ladio [sic]“

Erm, right.

If these Nick Zano rumours are true, how long do we think it will take David to suddenly snap up a new girl in a bid to prove that he is also moving on?

Because we are betting less than 48 hours…

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