Kelly Brook Confirms Pregnant Plans: I Want A Baby Soon With David McIntosh

She’s been riddled with pesky pregnant rumours ever since she and David McIntosh got engaged.

And now Kelly Brook has finally addressed the rumours she is having a baby – by confirming that it’s definitely in her plans.

Kelly Brook Confirms Pregnant Plans: I Want A Baby Soon With David McIntosh
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The 34-year-old former model told the Daily Star: “Hopefully I’ll have a baby soon. Ultimately I am entering a new phase in my life.”

Well that’s done wonders to dispel the chat then!

It’s the first time Kels, who suffered two miscarriages when in a relationship with Strictly Come Dancing former boyfriend Thom Evans, has ACTUALLY addressed the chat around her plans for babies.

Recently she was responded to Heat‘s pregnancy question by Monica-Gellar-in-the-Gellar-Cup-episode-ing them.

I.e. she sidetracked them them with her larger-than-usual lady lumps.

When asked about the rumours, the 34-year-old told them: “Do I look pregnant? My boobs have got bigger. The more they’re played with, the bigger they get!”

Bravo. We have to hand it to her, not only has she avoided answering the question, she’s also given everyone the perfect tabloid headline to go with instead.

Kelly clearly did several interviews the same day, insisting to every weekly mag on the stands that her ‘larger’ (she said it, not us!) figure is down to her new workout regime.

Following in fiance David McIntosh’s footsteps and lifting heavy weights almost every day, Kelly says she’s fallen into the trap of eating more to compensate for the heavy lifts.

She told everyone: “It’s not working for me” or “my body doesn’t respond in the same way as his” etc.

Kelly sent social media into a total meltdown when Katie Price claimed Kelly was looking bigger than usual despite the gym sessions, which in turned sparked rumours that she could be pregnant.

Her shotgun engagement to David didn’t help, and the lastest goss is that she’s putting off her Wedding until next year, despite initially planning it for next month.

She told Star mag: “We were going to get married next month, but we had to postpone because of my TV show and his work commitments. We don’t want to rush it.”

A likely story!

However, the delaying of their big day could just be down to David’s rumoured appearance in Celebrity Big Brother.

Just months after a source claimed the former Gladiator star thought he was “too famous” for the show, the 29-year-old is said to be ready to admit defeat.

A source told the Daily Star: “Both parties are very interested. David is desperate to be famous in his own right. He doesn’t want to be hanging off of Kelly’s coattails, especially once they tie the knot.”

Kelly Brook Confirms Pregnant Plans: I Want A Baby Soon With David McIntosh
By MazSight

Kelly Brook Confirms Pregnant Plans: I Want A Baby Soon With David McIntosh
By MazSight

According to said sneaky source, David is even thinking of putting off his wedding to Kelly to make his moment in the limelight happen.

The source added: “David and Kelly were planning to get hitched in September. But if he signs on for CBB, these plans will have to be put on hold.”


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