Kelly Brook: I Punched Danny Cipriani IN THE FACE After Finding Out He’d Given His Number To A Lapdancer

He’d snuck off and given his number to a lapdancer while they were in the club TOGETHER!

So is it any wonder Kelly Brook was feeling a little angry at Danny Cipriani?

In her upcoming autobiography, the model says she was SO angry that she ended up smacking him in the mug right there in the Vegas nightclub! Much to the surprise of the bouncers.

In extracts from Up Close which is due to be released (in time for our Christmas stocking!) very soon Kelly writes:

“While I was in the cubicle, on the other side of the door the missing lap dancer was chatting to her friend, saying how hot Danny was – and how he’d given her his phone number.”

AS IF?! 

“At that point, four bouncers leaped on me. They picked me up like the crazy, drunk, betrayed woman I was. It had all gone very Jerry Springer,”    

Never a good look.

“If you fight again, I will call the police. We don’t do domestics here,” the bouncer apparently her.  

Shortly after that Kelly gave Danny the chuck after it emerged he had been texting SEVEN different women behind her back. 

The 34-year-old reportedly “hit the roof” after discovering the saucy messages and naked pictures on the 25-year-old’s phone.

Er, WELL RID springs to mind.

She has since met the lovely David McIntosh who is more lovely and muscly that Danny will ever be and is now engaged. 

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